And the award for hiding spies goes to….

Meet the newest member of our family – she’s a tiger oscar and her name…..Rahab.

The General wanted something bibical, I wanted something edgy.  I tried to figure out how I could incorporate the Academy Awards into naming her (Best Fish?) and that didn’t work.  So being the ultimate libran couple we are, we compromised.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about?

Yes, we named our fish after an Old Testament prostitute.  She’s in the genealogy of Jesus and the mother of Boaz who married Ruth (there’s a book about her).  Our church just did a sermon series a couple months ago about Ruth, so it was still fresh in our minds and I didn’t realize til I searched the name that she was connected with Ruth.  Another weird part I just found, was that Rahab is also a sea-demon used metaphorically to signifty Egypt. (Psalm 87:4, Psalm 89:10, and Isaiah 51:9)

Tiger oscars, as we found out, are sexually monomorphic.  This means you can’t tell a male from a female, both sexes look the same.  The only way to tell is to get one knocked up.  So, Rahab might be a Boaz, but I will not know this side of heaven; The General decided that she was a girl.  They do best alone, so it’s her just in the tank.  We’ve only had her a week and already I can hand feed her food pellets.  Rahab is getting quite aggressive and will jump out of the water to get the pellet out of my hand.  It’s really quite neat.  She struts in front of the tank and responds to human/feline interaction.  She will get much bigger, too.

I think I will put a scarlet cord around her tank, tho.  Just to be safe, lol.

For the full story, check out Joshua 2.