Why I will never, ever enter a surf contest

Beyond the fact that I surf for sheer enjoyment, it just doesn’t seem right.

Take my friend Charlotte, for example.  She is a champion napper.  This girl can fall asleep just about anywhere and sleep soundly all the time.

I love napping, but I would never challenge Charlotte to a nap-off because a) she’d win and I have a bit of a competitive streak and b) why would I take something I use to relax, enjoy, and unwind and turn it into a contest?

I know it’s for some, and that’s totally cool, but for me — I’m with Laird Hamilton — it’s never appealed to me.  It’s more of an art form than anything.


Summertime Book Adventures

I love reading and since I got a Kindle last year, I’ve been devouring books.  Just like last year, I’m all over the board with random topics.

  • Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler – my favorite author – as my father-in-law said it was a good read (he’s a Cussler fan as well, we’re constantly trading books).  I’m switching things up with a paperback.  The book is a little choppy with the story line, but I’m interested to see how they will intersect.  And it has a very young Dirk Pitt in it!
  • One up on Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market by Peter Lynch.  Something I know very little about is investing.  As a conservative risk taker when it comes to money, I’m very leery about investing simply because I don’t know how it all works.  The guy is a big name on Wall Street and the reviews about this book jived with what I’m looking for in an investment book: nothing with too much jargon or something I need millions to do – some reviews said it was a “fun read.”  I’m hoping this will be a jumping off point for the future me in terms of finances.
  • The Host by Stepenie Meyer.  She wrote the Twilight series; The General and I watched the movie last night and while I was reluctant about it, I got sucked into the storyline.  I downloaded this book while the credits were rolling.
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine.  I have heard of this book, but do not know much about it or the author.  I’m looking forward to learning more about this relic wordsmith and his relationship with God.  Bonus: It was free on Kindle.
  • The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. I’ve ready good reviews about this series from Facebook friends and I hope it’ll be a good beach read.  I read all 3 Hunger Games book and loved them.
  • HeavenWord Daily by David Servant.  This is also free on Kindle.  For reasons unknown, even to me, every 18 July I change my daily devotional.  This year I’m going to try this one – it leads you through the entire New Testament for a year.  I like how it’s the equivalent to spiritual steak. After reading “My Utmost for his Highest,” (Oswald Chambers), I need something heavy.  I like my coffee and devotionals strong.

This should keep me busy until the winter chill rushes in.

Stat R&R bolus to be transfused over a summer afternoon


After spending 2/3 of my weekend (read: 32 hours) at work, I can officially say I’m burnt out. I was a frustrated mess yesterday, I didn’t play nice with others. Today I was bound and determined to get out of my work-induced funk.

I ran 2 miles, breakfasted with my General, and headed to one of my favorite places on earth: my secret spot at Kure Beach. The sun was out, the water refreshing, and the book I’m reading about the civil war is nearly finished. I’m also reading “The Lonely Sea,” a collection of short stories by Alistair MacLean, one of my favorite authors. (St. George + the Dragon is my all time favorite.)

Dehydrated and still feeling the stress, despite the beach, I stopped in Carolina Beach at The Treehouse Bistro for a mid afternoon cuppa white chocolate iced mocha. They put mocha ice cubes in it! How awesome! And now I’m sitting on their balcony, watching CB go by. Birds are singing and the soothing ocean breeze is slowly calming my soul. I have a high tea time with Jesus followed by straightening up my house and dinner with Samantha.

I’m hoping to watch the sun rise on the ocean sometime this week, maybe from the pier. My friend J will hopefully come down this weekend to celebrate 10 years of friendship and catch up on life.

This will be my 1st weekend off work since before Memorial Day. I’m going to enjoy it, cuz I’m back to my 32 hour weekend the following week. And thus the cycle begins again….