Beauty in the Sea

Many moons ago I was in this Bible study that spoke of beauty.  While this really didn’t touch my heart all that much (I’m a tomboy at heart), they asked a question during one of the sessions that has resonated with me through the years.

“When do you feel the most beautiful?”

I struggled with this question.  I oscillate between “Why am I in the medical field when I should be modeling swimwear” and “When is it socially appropriate to put a bag over one’s head in public?”  But realistically, I’m somewhere in between.

Even when I get all dolled up, I always manage to find flaws in myself upon reviewing the pictures. It’s the perpetual let-down of, “Oh, I look fantastic, except for the fact I look bloated and my eye-make up smudged….”

Then it hit me: I know where I feel the most beautiful.

In the ocean, with hair down, bikini on, and nearly 8 feet of plastic strapped to my right ankle.  I feel even more beautiful with those big powerful waves with clean faces are headed my way – or as I like to put it – the Lord put the tokens in the wave machine.

Here there are no cameras, any make up would be washed away after taking a wave on the head.  My hair is perfect because it’s covered in salt water and my skin turns a beautiful shade of pink under the sun.  I was made for summer days.

After a bit more digging in my genealogical past, I found my ancestors on my mother’s side originated from what is now northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea – my father’s mother’s family is from the shores of Normandy, France – the sea is in my blood.

And that’s as beautiful as it gets.

My mom snapped this picture of me last summer, heading back out to where the waves are breaking.

My mom snapped this picture of me last summer, heading back out to where the waves are breaking.


Summertime Book Adventures

I love reading and since I got a Kindle last year, I’ve been devouring books.  Just like last year, I’m all over the board with random topics.

  • Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler – my favorite author – as my father-in-law said it was a good read (he’s a Cussler fan as well, we’re constantly trading books).  I’m switching things up with a paperback.  The book is a little choppy with the story line, but I’m interested to see how they will intersect.  And it has a very young Dirk Pitt in it!
  • One up on Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market by Peter Lynch.  Something I know very little about is investing.  As a conservative risk taker when it comes to money, I’m very leery about investing simply because I don’t know how it all works.  The guy is a big name on Wall Street and the reviews about this book jived with what I’m looking for in an investment book: nothing with too much jargon or something I need millions to do – some reviews said it was a “fun read.”  I’m hoping this will be a jumping off point for the future me in terms of finances.
  • The Host by Stepenie Meyer.  She wrote the Twilight series; The General and I watched the movie last night and while I was reluctant about it, I got sucked into the storyline.  I downloaded this book while the credits were rolling.
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine.  I have heard of this book, but do not know much about it or the author.  I’m looking forward to learning more about this relic wordsmith and his relationship with God.  Bonus: It was free on Kindle.
  • The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. I’ve ready good reviews about this series from Facebook friends and I hope it’ll be a good beach read.  I read all 3 Hunger Games book and loved them.
  • HeavenWord Daily by David Servant.  This is also free on Kindle.  For reasons unknown, even to me, every 18 July I change my daily devotional.  This year I’m going to try this one – it leads you through the entire New Testament for a year.  I like how it’s the equivalent to spiritual steak. After reading “My Utmost for his Highest,” (Oswald Chambers), I need something heavy.  I like my coffee and devotionals strong.

This should keep me busy until the winter chill rushes in.

An Update!

* We didn’t officially “cut the cord” on our cable….we just made the cord shorter.  We downgraded to the basic of the basic cable which is ~20 channels, all of them broadcast except for the home shopping and government in action channels.  We went this route because it was cheaper when bundling it with our internet.  Crazy.  It would have been more expensive to drop the TV and just have the internet – which I think is just plain nuts.  And Highway to Heaven is not among the shows.  I did get a streaming subscription to Netflix.  Dragnet, here I come!

* I still haven’t found my keys.

* Theodore and I are still seeing each other (aka Mr. Roosevelt).  It usually doesn’t take me so long to go through a book; its long and heavy and I wish I could talk to someone who was around when he was President – like one of my ancestors – to see what they thought of it all.  He sounds great!  But it’s also his point of view.  And I’m not much into politics.  I’m ready for it to be over.

* Summer is here!!!!  I spent all weekend at the beach and otherwise being warm.  Amazing.  I have waited so long fort his.

* I celebrated 10 years in my career over fondue with The General. 10 down, 35 more to go!

* The General and I ordered a stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut.  The General had never had one, I hadn’t had one since the 90’s.  It was so worth it the calorie bomb.  I also made those “peel and bake” chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.  Those little buggers are evil at 80 calories/cookie (especially when you eat nearly a dozen).  I did all of this on the same night.  Luckily, they came with this little AED device….

And that about sums it up.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled summer….

The General and I ushered in summer the other day: it’s officially summer at our house.

We woke up early last Saturday and made our way to Pleasure Island.  I stopped for Britt’s Donuts and then we headed to our secret spot at Kure Beach.  The surf report said the water was 70F, but I disagree, it felt much colder.  Despite that, I hit the waves with a boogie board and had a blast.  We brought a vegetarian lunch (grapes, humus, pretzel chips, water, and cookies!) and ate on the strand.

I spent most of my time reading and burning my back to a crisp — as did The General.  He wasn’t too excited about getting into the cold water.

We stayed out until early afternoon, came home, showered, and hung a hammock on our back deck.  It was heaven.  It’s big enough for both of us to sit in and it is the perfect reading nook.


Ah, summer…..

We made dinner and spent the evening rocking the hammock with a glass of wine. Summer has arrived!  

Bonus:  We’re sticking out the weather by not turning on our AC until absolutely necessary.  We haven’t turned it on yet! I’m loving the nature sounds from our backyard (birds, amorous frogs/toads, cicadas, crickets….). 

This summer has promised many adventures for us.  More to come soon!

Oh summer, where art thou?

I’m not sure what this weather is doing, but it’s like we’re getting stuck with a season that fell off winter’s shoe.

I long to ride waves in my wetsuit, but it’s too cold (air and water) for that.  I have a brand new itty bitty bikini, which is technically street legal in Kure, but not sea-worthy; it’s been too cold for that as well, even in the house.

It’s the end of April and it MIGHT warm up next week.  I live in coastal Carolina, for the love of Frank Sinatra!!  I suddenly feel like I’m stuck in the midwest, minus the snow.


I’m not sure where the month of May went – it was just here a second ago – gah, I hate it when time gets away from me.  January was a nice, slow lumbering month.  Maybe June will be a lazy savor-the-moment kind of month that never seems to end.

Much has happened, much has yet to happen; much to be thought about.  In the coming days I will try to cover all the craziness.

I’m ready for those 35C+ days with high humidity.  And waves – gotta have the waves.

31 March

Today is officially the 1st day of summer.

Not only do all the trees in my yard have leaves, but Britts Donuts (homemade donuts in Carolina Beach) is open for the season!  I dragged The General out of bed with a promise of coffee from Majik Beans (soooo….gooood…..) and then we headed over for me to get my fix – it’s been since September.

I tried to be good: I only got 2.  And I destroyed them.  I almost went back to get one for the road, but I’m now bikini minded – and slightly high off the amazing coffee at Majik Beans – and thus decided against it.

This week should be an exciting one: One Tree Hill’s series finale airs.  Miranda and I will have snacks and wine ready for our last foray into Tree Hill. I’m going to miss it so much.

Work is the same: it’s not better, it’s not worse.  The craziness remains constant.  While my job search for a non-medical field job was fruitless, I have learned through the grapevine that there is a job opening that just so happens to be my 1st love that I haven’t visited since my 300 level college course senior year.  Nothing is official and the supervisor of that department knows me (and my work ethic); he said he’d love to bring be aboard and he’ll keep me informed as things progress.  It’s the south – everything moves a little slower here.

And so life goes.  It makes my soul happy that summer is here.  All I need now is for the Lord to put some coins into that wonderful wave machine of His and I’ll be all set.