31 March

Today is officially the 1st day of summer.

Not only do all the trees in my yard have leaves, but Britts Donuts (homemade donuts in Carolina Beach) is open for the season!  I dragged The General out of bed with a promise of coffee from Majik Beans (soooo….gooood…..) and then we headed over for me to get my fix – it’s been since September.

I tried to be good: I only got 2.  And I destroyed them.  I almost went back to get one for the road, but I’m now bikini minded – and slightly high off the amazing coffee at Majik Beans – and thus decided against it.

This week should be an exciting one: One Tree Hill’s series finale airs.  Miranda and I will have snacks and wine ready for our last foray into Tree Hill. I’m going to miss it so much.

Work is the same: it’s not better, it’s not worse.  The craziness remains constant.  While my job search for a non-medical field job was fruitless, I have learned through the grapevine that there is a job opening that just so happens to be my 1st love that I haven’t visited since my 300 level college course senior year.  Nothing is official and the supervisor of that department knows me (and my work ethic); he said he’d love to bring be aboard and he’ll keep me informed as things progress.  It’s the south – everything moves a little slower here.

And so life goes.  It makes my soul happy that summer is here.  All I need now is for the Lord to put some coins into that wonderful wave machine of His and I’ll be all set.