Amazing beach discoveries

Amazing beach discoveries

The General and I went down to Ft. Fisher to hang out at the beach for the morning. We decided to go to our own “private beach” – we parked at the state park bathhouse in Ft. Fisher and walked about a quarter mile south of the crowds. It’s quiet and peaceful.

On our way down, we stumbled across a freshly made sea turtle nest. I had never seen one of these before! We marveled at the 2 paths – one to the nest, the other leading back into the ocean – and the mere size of the next. We assume it was so big to throw off predators as to where the clutch was.

Because sea turtles are endangered, we decided to alert the authorities. No sooner had we decided to head back to the lifeguard station, and a NC park ranger showed up with a truck to mark off the nest and record it (it will be watched to ensure the eggs hatch and baby turtles are counted).

Simply amazing!

Brings a whole new meaning to “Takin’ the kids to the beach!”


The grand aunt

We just heard the news today: my nephew is going to be a dad.  At age 18.

And that makes me a grand aunt.  At age 30.

“That’s incredible,” I kept saying over and over as The General and I were driving on our way out for some errands.  “Stupid kids,” replied The General.

The situation isn’t ideal – but is it ever?  My nephew, David, graduated high school last June.  He’s in a technical college right now for some networking gig?  I’m not even sure.  For reasons I will not explain here, he doesn’t live at home, but with my in-laws in a dreary part of The Great White North.  We thought it was his girlfriend of a couple years – whom I met and like (even though she’s a bit of a brat, I’m told).  It turns out it’s not her — but her cousin!  Oh snap!  It’s like a soap opera.  I didn’t even know they broke up.

The story gets better: she’s 2 months along and it’s twins.  The doctors are saying 1 of the twins is not growing as fast as the other one, so there is a chance one might not make it.  Twins.  Amazing.  I certainly hope it’s a boy — call me crazy — but it will keep the family line going.  It ends with my husband.

I only met my grand aunts a couple of times on my mom’s side; one of whom I never met because there was a lot of bad blood between her and my grandfather.  My dad’s side is so old, I think most were dead by the time I was a teenager.  I never officially met any of them.

I do have the wedding pictures of my great grand aunts (my great grandfather’s sisters), Alma and Lydia from about 100 years ago.  I found their descendants: Alma’s only son is dead, while Lydia’s grandchildren live in my mom’s hometown.

Since I can’t have kids, I always said I wanted to be a grand aunt and in time, hopefully my grand niece/nephew would take an interest in genealogy and display wedding pictures of me in their house a century later.  Now that my sitting room is almost complete, I think it’s high time I framed the pictures and put them on the wall.

This is Alma and Walter, 17 April 1913

This is Lydia and Fred (Alma’s older sister), 17 May 1911