Some like it hot. I’m one of them.

In an effort to finally reach my goal of toning and strengthening every skeletal muscle in my body, I have embraced yoga.  Now, it’s not the new-age chanting lifestyle; it’s mastering poses.  I use this book which is amazing – it’s in English, not Sanskirt, and it focuses on yoga as an exercise, not a religion.  It’s perfect. I even downloaded an interval app on my phone to set reps… I hold the pose for 20 seconds and do the postures for 10-15 minutes.  I have some serious arm muscle going on and the ever-so-slight ab definition.  I have also made strides on poses I couldn’t do at first — some of them I have mastered, others I am well on my way to conquering!

The motto for my life is the same as Monty Python’s: “And now for something completely different.”  I decided to take a class in Bikram Yoga.  This is also known as “hot yoga.”  It’s done in a room that’s kept at 105°F (41°C).  It felt like heaven to me, especially after this cold snap.  It was very challenging as well as calming.  I sat our for a few poses — some where too advanced for me.  Oh, and you sweat buckets.  Seriously. I was drenched!  This is not the exercise for the unhydrated; I drank extra water every moment I could at work to prep for it.  I lost a lot more water than I thought I would…..I actually stopped sweating toward the end of class, which is not good.  One has to be careful of hyperthermia and hyponatremia.

I wasn’t in any pain after class, it was more of muscle fatigue.  I hurt 2 days later as the lactic acid settled and that was it.  While I do not have the energy or the drive to make this a several times a week habit as one lady I met there – but I will go back for a class here and there.  What I loved about this class were the people.  Some of them were very experienced, as seen by their rock-hard bodies and expert moves, but there were a lot of newbies and people in the middle like me.  The woman who befriended me was, medically speaking, severely obese — she was on a weight loss challenge for herself and she fell in love with hot yoga.  She did some of the poses better than I did!  Major kudos to her for getting out there and owning it! Old, young, out of shape, more in shape than I will ever be in this lifetime – it was a cross section of society in there.  Amazing.

Here’s to new experiences!




You know your yard is need of some work when you section it off in theaters of war.  My hands look like I’ve been picking cotton.  The weeds/rouge trees still reign, but I’m getting closer to victory.

I found a blog I wrote online when I was in college.  I kept a lot of things vague, and even now 6 year later, had a difficult time figuring out what I was referring to.  I feel like I had a better writing style back then, it was more organic than what I do now.  Granted, I was in a completely different place in life with a lot of emotionally charged events.  It was interesting to look back.

I’m really trying to cut back on sweets.  And it’s not working very well.

I started doing yoga poses to straighten/tone/relax.  I found this awesome book that has changed my whole outlook.  No chanting, no weird names for stuff — just as exercise.  Love it.  I’m sore.  And I haven’t lost any weight yet because I still am eating too many sweets.  Grrr.

My dad is a crazy man and I apparently, have inherited the crazy allele.  Every year he does RAGBRAI, which is a week-long bike ride across the state of Iowa in July (read: hot).  While he rides ~1,500 miles per year on a bike, I went for a 15 mile bike ride the other day and really enjoyed it.  So I figured I could do the ride across Iowa – and it’d be something to do with my dad.  The General may even join.  I’m in the mood for an adventure.  This could be the ticket.

My Sex and the City girls are coming over for Thanksgiving the day before because the General and I are on active duty.  I’m really looking forward to it!  It will be nice to have a houseful and enjoy a feast.  I hope the General can handle having dinner with 4 amazingly beautiful women.

I am in need of a Christmas-flavored tea.  Any suggestions?